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#1 Forget Out of Body Experience, how about an Embodied Experience?
Have you ever seen a person walking down the street talking to themselves? Some people will say that these people have lost their minds, I'd say they are simply "lost in their minds". To tell you the truth, visit the financial district of Anytown, USA and you may have seen a whole flock of these folk during lunch hour although they are not speaking out loud...they are still "lost in their minds" half out of their body.

#2 You get to expand time
Have you ever heard the expression, "and time stood still?" Most often this is reserved for intense and rare moments of life like near death experiences, winning a hard fought battle, verdict, or race. But if life is measured by the richness of experience, then it would behoove us to have more of these moments right?

And luckily for us, these are available to us all the time, as long as we are present!

I recently was at the River Street Cafe and sampled a piece of their vintage Gouda cheese. Butterscotch in color, the moment I put it into my mouth, time suddenly slowed to a crawl. The intensity of the flavor spread through my mouth, I suddenly took a deep breath, the aroma of coffee intensified, even the color of the tulips in the flower shop across the street became technicolor pink. I became fully present because the taste pulled me into my body, away from thoughts of the day.

And think of it this way, if time slows to a crawl, you've technically just expanded your life!

#3 You get to remember things
Have you ever spoken to a friend and couldn't remember a part of even most of what happened in your day? It's probably because you spent most of the day out of your body...either racing ahead into the future or revisiting the past... which makes it really difficult to listen to your intuition, or notice the flirty gaze from a cutie at the Farmer's Market. When you are fully in your body, you'll also be able to truly listen to others which may better your chances at having a relationship ; )

My Top 10 ways to get into the body

  1. Exercise (not while zoning out to a tv show) preferably something where balance and focus are required: yoga, golf, aerial dancing... you get the picture
  2. Slow practice (it's exactly what it sounds like)
  3. Savor food
  4. Notice Beauty
  5. Hang out and play with children
  6. Walk out of the door with an agenda-less day letting only the question of "what would be more fun" guide you!

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