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Years ago, after a breakup with an ex-boyfriend. I found myself crashing on the couch of a dear friend's house. Her home was always a place where people sought emotional refuge and I found myself like others seeking her support.

It was Easter, and as I grew up in an immigrant family, holidays in general were a non-event. However, on this particular Easter Sunday I found myself woken by my friend's vigorous humming of the Bunny hop, and saw through a sleeping eye, her bouncing hair as she literally hopped around the sofa. She greeted me 'good morning' as her children (all in their mid 20's) came rushing in and asked me if I was ready for the hunt? Groggy, I found myself being ushered up and to the front door where her children were already poised for a sprint.

"Ready, Set, Go!" And all of a sudden I found myself running around the outside of the house not quite sure what I was looking for. . . I had seen the colorful eggs being dipped for hours the night before in lavish colors, sprawled out over pages and pages of newspaper but was uncertain as to how to carry them once I found them. The mystery was solved when an excited giggle floated from over a hedge and one of the girls had found her basket. HER BASKET, it had her name, and gifts picked out specifically for her. Did that mean that I TOO had a basket? You had never seen a 32 year old as excited about hard boiled eggs as I was that day. Indeed, my friend had crafted an extravagant basket for me as well, her generosity only exceeded by the toothy grin which stretched across my face upon finding mine.

In fact, I was so enchanted by the way this family celebrated holiday, how the children, well technically young adults, still had such a playful air, how the entire house transformed with decorations, how the flower arrangements reflected the season as well as the baked goods, that I decided to spend every holiday of that year with this family. EVERY HOLIDAY, from July 4th to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day. What I lacked in experience I contributed with a newborn's enthusiasm and with each holiday I would find myself, on the one hand, filled with a poignant longing for a childhood I could never have, and on the other hand allowing each new experience to permeate my consciousness for what was possible in my future.

In the process, I realized that the echoes of my unhappy childhood  had prevented me from moving forward in many of my relationships. That without a vision of a healthy, functional and more importantly celebratory view of life, many of my past relationships had no real future. Subconsciously, as intimacy would develop, I would retreat or my partner would retreat as old patterns of restriction or limitation would cloud the horizon.  It's no wonder as who would want to enter into a relationship and repeat the wounds of the past?

As I acclimated to my chosen divine family (mind you they also wanted to adopt me), my vision of a real beloved partnership finally grew legs. "Happily Ever After" was no longer a coda but rather had the makings of a full fledged reality. And it's no surprise that I met my Beloved through a connection of theirs...

So, I'm not suggesting necessarily ; ) that you crash some family's house for the holidays but rather that if you did not grow up with the ideal vision of family and partnership that you start to gather the people that you can call divine family into your life now. This could be people of all ages, from children to grandparents, because it takes a village to grow not only a child but all Beloved relationships.

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